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I'm Stina, a resourceful writer & digital strategist with a knack for big ideas and problem solving. I'm passionate about helping businesses & digital entrepreneurs design a profitable business roadmap that works for them.

What I Learned After 4 Years on Etsy, What I'd Do Differently

For me, Etsy has always been that boyfriend that you really like, but sometimes hate... AND you always go back to. Sigh. We've had some good times & awful times and I have learned oh-so-much. I wanted to compile a short & sweet post about hard (& soft) lessons, I have learned on Etsy after almost 20,000 total sales and 4+ years. So here it is... Let me know what you think! Being a handmade business owner is not for the lazy, weak or complacent. You can't meet your goals, if you give up. Ke

Brand Beyond Etsy | 6 Reasons Why Your Etsy Shop Needs a Blog

What if I told you, that I knew how you can easily drive more traffic to your Etsy shop? AND, that it is free or (almost free). WITHOUT, spending more than 1 hour a week to do it. You'd be crazy not to listen, right? Well lend me your ears my crafty friends. The answer is simple. blogging. Content marketing is here to stay (at least for awhile). Embrace it, love it and use it to your advantage. All of the cool kids are doing it. Blogging can seem intimidating. Some think they suck at w

How to Create Product Listings That Turn Browsers Into Buyers

So that, you can stop hearing crickets & start hearing "Cha-Ching"... And, bring your shop back to life with completely optimized listings. Without, missing out on the things you WANT to do, like creating & connecting w/customers. Are eager-to-buy customers finding your Etsy shop? Or, are they finding your shop, but leaving with an empty cart? Either way, you may need to do some work on your product listings. I get it, you may be an Etsy newbie that doesn't even know where to begin. Or, you co

Going Pro – Overcoming Intermediate Etsy Challenges | Etsy-preneurship

I met Christina Swanson of Mad Jo Apparel & Hitched Clothing last month and I have been impressed with her determination to improve her business and her self-awareness of the “practical steps” it takes to grow a business. Enjoy her story & advice. – Jason Malinak of Etsy-preneurship Being an Etsy seller is not for the weak, the lazy or the complacent… I hate to say it, but it is survival of the fittest. In order to stay in the “Etsy Game”, you must successfully be able to manage all of the comp
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